Solving Problems through Leadership & Education with Michelle Welsch

Episode Summary

Maria talks about navigating lack of confidence in starting new projects, juggling work and self-care and the power of kindness with Michelle Welsch, a master Social Worker, writer, and researcher focused on education in Nepal. With a background in psychology and social work and after a few years working for a branding company in New York City, she left for Nepal for a 2 week trip and never really came back. There she founded Learning House, a community learning center offering free workshops, paid classes and scholarships to promote education and leadership in Pokhara, Nepal. A conversation full of zest and energy, just like this week’s guest!

Episode Notes

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Host : Maria Xenidou

Producer: Julie-Roxane Krikorian

Introduction Voice: David Bourne

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Seth Godin:

Listen to this episode and explore:

Michelle’s childhood as a street performer (3:02)

Fitting-in: the concept of in-groups and out-groups (5:13)

Her relationship to learning from childhood to today (7:18)

Studying psychology, working as a probation officer and getting a master’s in social work (9:04)

Her first career shift: working for a branding agency (17:35)

Meeting Seth Godin and becoming a freelancer (19:09)

From social work to freelancing: learning to build communities (21:19)

From NYC to Nepal on a fundraising trip (25:24)

Founding the Learning House Nepal & Khata Life non-profit (28:11)

Immersing herself in the community of Nepal (34:52)

How she built the team at The Learning House (37:20)

The biggest challenge in her work: what’s next? (43:31)

If you had unlimited amounts of money? (48:38)

The importance of learning how to think before learning skills (52:21)

Scarcity mentality and sharing resources (56:26)

35 random acts of kindness (1:00:30)