Leaving Corporate to Found an EdTech Startup with Esteban Etcheverry

Episode Summary

Today, Maria talks with Esteban Etcheverry, who is the co-founder and CEO of Aulasneo, an EdTech startup that provides world-class e-learning solutions. It is based on the Open EdX® platform, developed by Harvard and MIT to deliver enriching online learning experiences. At Aulasneo, they provide a modern and flexible e-learning platform where educational institutions can deliver online courses that include videos, documents, video conferences and automated evaluations. They also create a virtual campus for companies or organizations by providing a platform to manage online training for employees. During his 20+ years of professional experience in multinational corporations, Esteban has been involved in the development and implementation of infrastructure technology projects. He has held a variety of roles in operations, accounting and finance. Together they discuss his passion for arts, technology, and online learning. Esteban started exploring arts early in his childhood before he decided to study technology. Tune in to learn about eLearning from an inspiring artist and EdTech entrepreneur!

Episode Notes

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Host : Maria Xenidou

Producer: Julie-Roxane Krikorian

Introduction Voice: David Bourne


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Open edX

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Check out Esteban’s  art on Instagram @lartportofolio


Listen to this episode and explore: 

Esteban’s childhood: learning art through a formal approach coupled with personal exploration (3:32)

Esteban’s love for technology and his decision to go into management (8:28)

His first job in the tourism industry: a hands-on learning experience (10:26)

His corporate career at tech companies: lessons, skills, and challenges(13:40)

A parallel path to his corporate career: continuing to follow a formal education (19:38)

How Esteban founded an EdTech startup (21:34)

Maria’s takeaways on the startup mindset (24:50)

Esteban’s EdTech startup: Aulasneo (26:15)

How Aulasneo serves its customers: a personalized experience (30:42)

How an online course is created and launched by Aulasneo (38:34)

What makes a course unsuccessful and what can go wrong (39:27)

What Esteban wants to leave his mark on during his lifetime (42:16)

Maria's takeaways regarding Esteban’s learning journey (44:16)