Enhancing Student Engagement & Social Impact through Instructional Design with Enilda Romero-Hall

Episode Summary

Today, Maria talks with Enilda Romero-Hall, Associate Professor of Instructional Design & Technology in the Department of Education at the University of Tampa. Enilda studied Computer Programming before she pursued her Bachelors in Business Administration. She then obtained her Master in Instructional Design & Technology and her PhD in Education.  Enilda is native of Panama. Her cultural heritage is afro-latinx, and she is fluent in both Spanish and English. As a learner, she has experienced the education system in Panama, Canada, and America. In this conversation, Enilda talks about the plethora of graduate-level courses she teaches in instructional design, distance education, online social communities, principles of learner motivation, design of online collaborative learning and so much more. She also shares insights about the book she is co-authoring and editing on instructional design research methodologies to help practitioners put theory into practice. If you are an instructional designer or want to become one or you are an educator interested in learning more about instructional design, this episode is for you. During this conversation, you will learn about the evolution of instructional design over the years, along with the current challenges, future trends, and emerging opportunities. Tune in to hear from an inspiring leader enhancing student engagement and social impact through instructional design.

Episode Notes

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Host : Maria Xenidou

Introduction Voice: David Bourne


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Where to find more about Enilda Romera-Hall:


Her page on the University of Tampa website

The masters she teaches in Instructional Design and Technology  

Personal Website

The different courses she teaches

Her publications


Mentioned in this episode:

Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá

Centennial College

Emporia State University

Programs in Instructional Design & Technology at Old Dominion University

University of Tampa

Dr. Jozenia Colorado-Resa 

Dr. Ginger Watson

Dr. Thomas Reeves


Listen to this episode and explore: 

Enilda's interest in various topics at a bilingual school in Panama City (3:03)

Moving to Canada and studying computer programming (7:56)

Getting a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (9:54)

Why she chose to study Instructional Design for her Masters (10:32)

Enilda’s decision to pursue a PhD in Education and the impact of her mentors during this time (12:46)

How she combines teaching, mentoring and researching in her current role as Associate Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator at Tampa University (16:50)

Enilda's thoughts on the biggest advancements in Instructional Design since she started working in the field (20:34)

Improving Instructional Design: learning how to apply the research findings to the practical field (23:18)

Enilda’s book: a collaborative project designed to bring theory to practice (25:49)

The trends that Enilda sees in the future of instructional design and technology (30:09)

Enilda’s work in online social communities (32:01)

How to use social media to advance higher education and career development (33:16)

How COVID has affected the digital learning experience (38:08)

What demotivates students in an online course (41:32)

How to make synchronous meetings attractive to students through active learning experiences and games (45:12)

How Enilda builds the courses she teaches (47:49)

Sharing her work openly to help others learn from it (50:22)

What keeps Enilda up at night or what she thinks of first thing in the morning (54:14)

What Enilda wants to leave her mark on during her lifetime (54:58)

How her 4-year-old son has influenced her creativity during the pandemic (57:24)